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The sun is a direct source of energy. Using renewable energy technologies, we can convert that solar energy into electricity or heat water system.


• Photovoltaic Electricity

• Solar-Thermal

Monocrystalline Solar Panels
Our new series solar panels use n-doped silicon instead of the industry-standard p-type silicon. Key advantages of n-type modules include insensitivity to metallic impurities, a more efficient conversion of infrared light into electricity, and a lower initial degradation rate. Combined with high transmission glass, the result is a highly efficient, next-generation solar panel that delivers impressive performance.

Solar collector U-PIPE
U-Pipe Solar Collectors provide an extremely low-cost alternative to Heat Pipe Solar Collectors, and their unique ability to be installed at 0 or 90 degree angles (either flat (flush) or vertical) make them a superb choice for commercial installations. The ability to be installed in this fashion permits them to be used in places where traditional heat-pipe tubes would be less efficient due to shading from the collectors themselves

System for solar
A solar heating system for hot water heating only hot water.The water heater in such a system is equipped with a heat exchanger located in the tank bottom, where the heat from the solar circuit is transferred to domestic water. An electric heater located in the upper part, the comfort temperature of tap water and ensures that tap water has a sufficiently high temperature, even if solar access is poor. The lower part of the water heater acts as a buffer in which solar energy can be stored from the daily sunny hours until the hot water needed.

PLC system
PLC complete solutions from SUNCARRY have everything that solar system needs. PLC, Touch Panel/HDMI and Software for Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista. The software is programmed in visual studio.NET and using Modbus protocol. Online connections with PLC run-time systems around the world can be implemented with TCP/IP. Changes to programs or data are supported, which can also operate over a network




We can produce solar panels, no matter mono crystalline or poly crystalline


Efficient and cost-effective quality products in black maintenance-free aluminum construction.


Suncarry - Flat solar collector


PLC system for solar systems

We make effective PLC solutions for large and complex installations. PLC control according to your preferences. Contact us and we will adapt a system to your requirements and circumstances.