PV Panels

Suncarry, is dedicated to assisting our customers from the initial project conception to the finished product. We understand converting to solar can be an intimidating task, but Suncarry is here to help you in every way possible. Here at Suncarry we work with a multitude of manufacturers and distributors to ensure that we can provide you with the right product for your particular application. Our trained team members have all the experience and skills necessary to take your project through the design phases and install it properly with regards to necessary code requirements.
Solar power is a great option for many homeowners. It’s a very versatile and easy to maintain power source. Most solar energy systems have a 25-year power output warranty from the panel manufacturer as well as a 10-year warranty on the power inverters. Combine superb manufacturing quality with no moving parts and a quality install, and you have a maintenance free energy production system that will last you for years to come.
At Suncarry we believe education is the key to a successful project, so, we’d like to take a moment to show how a basic grid-tied solar system operates.

The solar energy system, contains a few primary components. Your main components consist of:

  • Solar Array: This term stands for all the panels in the system in their interconnected state.
  • Inverter: This unit is the device that alters the state of the solar arrays produced DC current to the grid usable AC current.
  • Balance of Systems Components: This is a broad term used to represent all the components used to connect your solar array to your inverter and to the grid. This also includes necessary meter modifications to be compliant with your power company’s regulations on interconnection.

Solar installations on a typical residential home last between two to five days and almost all the work occurs outside, so you will experience limited interference with your lifestyle. Commercial installations can range from a few days to a few months depending on the magnitude of the installation.

Integrated Greenhouse Photovoltaic Systems
Suncarry an industry leader in greenhouses and alternative energy solutions has recently begun integrating these two product lines to provide a single source solution. Through integrating solar panels into custom greenhouses, Solar has provided customers with an aesthetically pleasing method for generating “green energy.”
We will work with you to design and complete an installation to accomplish your needs!


Solar Thermal Solutions

Suncarry is proudly expanding our renewable energy program to include solar thermal solutions. Suncarry works with you from start to finish to properly design and install a solar thermal system right for your application. Whether you are interested in solar hot water, solar space heating, solar pool heating, or some specific solar thermal application, we can assist you from idea inception to completion.

Solar products are a great solution to many concerns. Energy usage and ever-increasing utility rates rank high on the list. Solar thermal solutions tend to produce a high amount of power per square foot of space in comparison to other renewable technologies. Suncarry works directly with top notch product manufacturers to supply you with a system that will last the expected lifetime.


PLC system for solar systems


We make effective PLC solutions for large and complex installations.
PLC control according to your preferences

Contact us and we will adapt a system to your requirements and circumstances.

PC - Software HMI Touchscreen PLC

See our examples (daily, monthly, total energy statistics for all years)

PLC HMI Software PC Report PLC Terminal


Solar Street Lights

Functionality Power Conditioning Unit is designed to provide energy converted from Solar Panel as the first priority and capable to produce energy from the Utility when energy from the solar source is lower than the set value.


» DSP Controlled
» Solar Power Operated
» Built-in MPPT Charge Controller
» Pure Sine Wave Output
» Very High Efficiency greater than 85%
» Solar Charging Current up to 50A
» Solar as well as Utility Charging (Hybrid mode)
» Continuous full load operation
» Full Isolation from by Mains Transformer